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Red Boxing Club is situated in Port Antonio

We have had the building we wish to refurbish surveyed and the entire back wall needs to be taken down and re-built. It needs to be roofed, showers/toilet and canteen to be refurbished then lastly the walls will be rendered to paint. So far we have sent sponsorship appeals to large number of Jamaican based companies to try and raise funds for this project but we have unsuccessful so far, therefore we are still looking for sponsors to make this project a reality.

Portland which is on the northeastern coast of Jamaica, an hour and a half from Ocho Rios. It is the third largest port in the Island with tourism largely contributing to its economy. At present there is no form of boxing club in that area of the country, KO boxing club will be an asset to the community giving the youth an opportunity to promote and develop their talents through boxing. The first Caribbean WBC Heavyweight champion of the world came from Port Antonio, he is the Late Trevor Birbeck.  Had he been alive today I’m sure he would doing exactly what I am doing for his country.

There is so much talent in that part of the country but it has been hindered by a lack of facilities and resources, with the help of the community and sponsors I believe the youths and members of the community can finally have access to achieve their potential. Port Antonio has been visited by many famous celebrities as well as being used as a location in Hollywood films. Port Antonio has many popular tourist attractions such as Blue Lagoon, Frenchman’s Cove beach and the ruins of Folly Mansion.  Another main attraction is the Marina which is in the centre of the town by the port which is very popular with tourists and locals alike, not to mention the great ice cream parlour and fabulous restaurants! Folly Point Lighthouse

Building to be restored to become new premises of Reds Boxing Club

Current gym building being used
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Member in training
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