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A British promoter by the name of Harry Hearn created a boxing contest called Prizefighter, when I saw this I realized a contest like this would be beneficial and have a big impact on Jamaican boxing especially as there was nothing of this type in the Carribean.
I contacted the Jamaican boxing board of Control who welcomed the idea and were willing to support me in the venture so after researching what I would need and speaking to the boxers in Jamaica, I decided to take on the promotion of the event. The boxers I spoke to were very excited and couldn’t wait to show off their talent. Hence, the creation of Last Man Standing.

My event consisted of eight contestants split into four 3 x3min fights, the winners of these fights then fight each other in two semi-finals. The two final winners from each fight then go up against each other in the final with the winner being the ‘Last Man Standing’.
The winner received a cash prize and a trophy crowning him the Last Man Standing, at the end of the contest there was an after party for the audience and other members of the public to socialize with the boxers and other celebrities who attended to support the event.

The event was also attended by CVM TV who featured footage of it in their Sports show which is televised across Jamaica, footage has also been added onto youtube so it can be accessed worldwide, searching www.youtube.com-last man standing ja. Future Events The next event will involve international boxers as the demand and popularity for the sport has grown rapidly in the past year. I am planning to hold the next contest in Carder Park, Port Antonio, Portland, I have full support of the local MP for the area-Don Rodd, local councilor and the Mayor-Floyd Patterson. Dates to follow so please watch this space!

Big Reds "Oneil Murray"
Big Reds "Oneil Murray"
Last Man Standing Contest
Trevor Birbeck
Big reds murray
Trevor Birbeck
last man standing
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Big Reds Boxing Club
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We would like to welcome everyone to a “Family Fun Day” out at the Big Reds Boxing Club, Carders Park Port Antonio, Jamaica.  

On Sunday 27th May 2012,

We are looking for a huge turnout on the day, so please buy a ticket support this project to give our youths the platform to become professional boxers, so that they can represent Jamaica in International Events. The proceeds from the event will be used to refurbish the boxing club internally and externally. So please be generous “Sponsor a Block” and in return we will inscribe your name on the display wall in the gym. Please come along we look forward to seeing you, lots of good food, Music and Entertainment and Sunshine.
For more information see the poster for details, and feel free download it to pass it to your friends on Facebook, and Twitter, we appreciate all the help.
Many thanks from Big Reds Boxing Club.