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Reds Boxing Club

My name is Oneal ‘bigreds’ Murray and I am a former cruiser/heavyweight boxer born in Manchester Jamaica.  I reside in the UK and am now a boxing promoter with my main aim to develop and promote boxing in the Jamaica and the rest of the Carribbean, this is a fundamental passion as I became involved in boxing from a very young age myself. I would like to encourage the youth into the sport as it promotes discipline, motivation and can help get them off the streets.

I have held two major boxing promotions in Jamaica, the first was in December 2008 in St Anns Bay and the other in march 2010 in Negril, both of which were a success and showed that there was a demand and passion for boxing. At the moment I am working towards building a boxing gym in Carder Park, Port Antonio, Jamaica which is the home of the former WBC Heavyweight champion, the late Trevor Birbeck. I have the support of  the local MP Donn Rodd and mayor Floyd Patterson who are backing my project 100%, aswell as other prominent members of the community. I am appealing to local and international sponsors to assist in making this project a reality.

Upon the completion of the boxing club, we hope to do regular competitions with the sanction of the Jamaican Boxing board of Control who had supported me from the start.
I welcome any contact from visitors of this site, please see contact details on the homepage.


Oneal ‘Bigreds’ Murray

Big Reds Murray

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